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"... (students) understand and remember the concepts more effectively because they quickly see those concepts in action through the experiments and projects." Cathy Duffy Reviews
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"Another reason that I am impressed with this program is the clarity and completeness of the instructional materials ... easy to follow, written in a way that makes sense." D. Wuehler, Senior Editor
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"Personally, I love the way Advanced Physical Science incorporates so many different learning styles as it introduces science concepts." Jolanthe - Homeschool Creations
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"...the more hands-on, tangible, and relatable an experiment is, the greater the understanding and retention."
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"it’s very straight forward, open and go and it is perfect for any mama worrying about science staying hands on and fun! I highly recommend it!" Samantha @ourhomeschooljourney1
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Customer Testimonials

All testimonials are unsolicited customer testimonials used with permission from the individuals quoted.

“I used your Standard Course for my two oldest kids when they were around 10 years old, and they loved it. When my oldest hit 13, I had him do another company’s well-known physical science course, and it was terrible for him. I’m now dealing with a highschooler who hates science and is fighting his way through his high school courses.

This time around, I’m having my middle child use Exploration Education’s Advanced Course this year. Even though she did your Standard Course two years ago, she is absorbing so much more information and is loving it! My youngest will also do the Advanced course next year. I recommended your program to several of our co-op families and they are enjoying it as well. Thank you for creating such an effective and fun way for kids to learn science! I wish that there were more EE science courses, but I sure am grateful for this one!” Marni -- Owasso, OK

“I just wanted to extend a warm thanks for this wonderful course you have created. My daughter is learning so much. I am so happy that a friend told me about the course. Many courses geared towards homeschoolers or learning at home are rather incomplete. You provided almost everything needed which made it so efficient and the quality of the course is fantastic. It is perfectly aimed at the student and encourages them to take on a lot of responsibility and still allows the parent to be involved if they can or when you instruct the student to have adult help. My daughter learned more than she expected to learn and also found out that she can follow very explicit directions on her own, with superb results which gave her an amazing sense of self-worth and accomplishment. This has been a wonderful step for her for entering high school science. Many, many thanks.” Peggy -- Emmaus, PA

“I just wanted to write and let you know how much we have enjoyed this program! I homeschool and had one child using the elementary version and one using the standard version this past school year. As a busy parent of 4 homeschool children, I greatly appreciate that all kits come with virtually everything you will need to do experiments, all portioned out in Ziploc bags by unit. Genius and such a help!!! My husband and I were also VERY impressed by the depth of the teaching material and by the hands-on nature of each lesson. Lessons are short enough to maintain attention and deep enough to present important concepts properly for the age of the student. The hands-on nature of this course, interspersed interactive questions in the CD portion of the course, and science notebook/logbook kept interest high, which in turn promoted excellent retention. My husband is an engineer and I have a medical background. We are both impressed by the emphasis of doing experiments, collecting data, interpreting the data, and learning how to articulate hypotheses in the standard version. It was difficult for my son to do at first, but by the end of the year, he was collecting and interpreting data quickly and effectively. Excellent program! I highly recommend it!!! Thank you Exploration Education for an excellent, low-stress way for me to instill the love of learning science in my children!”
Karen -- KY

"I wanted to drop a line to commend you for this wonderful resource for homeschooling parents. Your complete kit has lifted all the burden from me of figuring out topics, planning relevant experiments, gathering supplies and materials, and, most importantly, explaining the science to my children convincingly. I struggled before coming across your website, but now science has become one of our favorite lessons of the day. We are three chapters in, and my girls are always enthusiastic and eager to see what the day’s experiment will consist of. The experiments are extremely well-designed and do a phenomenal job of illustrating the topics studied. Thank you and bravo to the brains behind this curriculum! I will be sure to recommend it to all my homeschooling friends." S. Hussain - Bartlett, IL


"My son completed the advanced version and I wanted to just send a note of thanks.  First of all, having his science curriculum 'in a box' so to speak, eliminated the headache of finding supplies.  He completed the majority of the course independently with occasional assistance on a concept or project he was stuck on. I wish that you  offered the other sciences as well, because it is affordable and engaging which is what most homeschoolers are looking for.  Science tends to be a subject that is daunting to most.  I love science and appreciated the approach of this course!  Once again, thank you for an exceptional product!!" Jennifer - Georgetown, KY.

"My 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter are doing your K-3 level and loving it. They did lesson 2.5 today and were amazed that they could make a compass. Thank you so much!"  Elisabeth - Lumberton, NJ

"First let me say we have enjoyed our year in science so far. Exploration Education’s course has made such a difference in how we do science in our home. We are spoiled. My mother was a science teacher and when she found you at the convention last year she knew that your curriculum was the one we needed. She was right!" Connie -- Winston-Salem, NC

"Thank you so much for sending the racer parts.  Your program is awesome, the kids are learning more than they realize!.  They just built the steamboat...really great!!! We feel very fortunate that you put this program together and that you are so willing to share your knowledge. 
Thanks again!!"
 Dana -- Shortsville, NY

"I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome curriculum. I picked this up at our local homeschool convention on a whim for my 7 year old. It has been a great fit! He has loved being able to build his own "creations" and then use them throughout the unit! Great concept!" Heather - Rolesville, NC

"We absolutely love your project-based science curriculum and would love for you to create more. Your product is high quality, user-friendly, pedagogically sound, and more. Please let us know if you are thinking of expanding - we would order it in a heartbeat!"
Caroline -- Greencastle, IN

"My son is learning a lot, and enjoying himself. Originally, I thought it was chemistry he liked, but now it is apparent he likes physical science. You have created a wonderful program. Thank you." Tammy -- Andover, MN

"My 7th grade son is thoroughly enjoying your Physical Science Advanced Version program. Your curriculum is a blessing to our 'hands-on' son." Jennifer - Mars, PA

“My Freshman daughter LOVES her Physical Science kit. She's a hands-on kid so it's WONDERFUL for her.” Stephanie – Fairbanks, AK

“We love the curriculum. My younger son has watched his older brother do the experiments, and is now anxious to get to Physical Science too since I have promised to purchase him his own set when he's on that subject. Thanks for the great product and awesome customer service too. Wow, I'm totally impressed. Thanks so much!”
Julie – Tennessee

"Yashin started with your syllabus a few weeks ago. His experience has thus far been of pure enjoyment. Science has become his highlight for the day, so he always chooses to end his day with your syllabus. He has just completed the glider - and his face radiated such excitement and pleasure." Stacey

“Dear Exploration Education,
Thank you so much for your Advanced Physical Science Course. It has been a complete blessing to my son. He was completely lost in another physical science course he was taking. We took him out of it and placed him in yours. He told me today that he loves the material. He is able to understand and remember everything he is learning. Thank You! My only regret is that you only have a physical science course!”

“We really love this format of teaching, it has worked well for my busy crew of boys, and we would be very excited if you expanded your line of products. Thanks” – Anita

"I purchased your curriculum for my three children to use this year. Let me say, it has been worth every penny and more! We have been using it for a month now. My 8th grade son uses it every day and my younger two (3rd and 5th) use it 3 days a week. My middle daughter complained the other day that it wasn't fair that her brother got to do more science than she did!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for such an engaging product!!! Thank you. Thank you." Laura - MD

"Please let me take this opportunity to tell you how much my daughter is enjoying this science program. Science has always been the most difficult subject for me to find, schedule, and implement. We always ended up with a literature-based program, with little hands-on experiences. Your program is so different than any other I have come across. Sarah loves it, and is working completely independently. At the same time, she is learning so much. Her enthusiasm for projects around the house has also increased, as she has discovered a love for working with tools. She recently helped me renovate our kitchen, complete with changing the water lines under the sink. I credit it to the confidence she has developed in her abilities to complete the projects in science."
Sabrina -- Palmerton, PA

"Thanks so much for the wonderful physical science program! My son and I (and in fact our whole homeschool co-op) have thoroughly enjoyed doing it this year! The projects have been awesome! Thanks again for the fantastic physical science program!"
Janiece -- South Carolina

"We absolutely love your physical science course. My son wants to learn ... he never complains when it is time for this class each day. I am proud of his independence and knowledge gained. I wish you had more science courses available for his remaining high school years." Lana -- Meshoppen, PA

"My son absolutely LOVES your science program! He's all hands-on, so this is perfect fit for him. I can hardly get him to do his other work. :) I'm going to have to make him leave science for the end of his work schedule. And the best thing happened today -- his public school friends came over this afternoon -- he ran to get his electric racer to show them, and boy, were they jealous! God bless you for making this fantastic program!" Tracy -- Virginia

"PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can't you make another science curriculum!! My daughter is doing the advanced level this year and absolutely loves it. Starting to worry about what she will do for science next year for her sophomore year. Thanks" -- Diane

“Thank you so much for standing behind your product. We tried again today with our new boiler, and had great success!
Thanks again.”
Sandy -- ID

"My daughter and I are really enjoying your curriculum and she is loving science. I wish we could explore other area's with a similar program." Rachel -- NY

"My 12 year old son and I bought the Intermediate Physical Science Curriculum at the WHO (Washington) convention yesterday because my son just had to have it. After homeschooling 4 boys, and many homeschooling conferences later, I always had a dream that the students should be the ones picking their curricula at these conferences instead of the parents! And my dream finally came true with your product. My son was ADAMANT about getting this after seeing your demonstrations. The next day, today (Saturday), we had to go through all the lessons until we built the racing car. This is the best physical science curriculum I have ever seen. Hands on, computer enhanced but it doesn't forget about WRITING in the answers in the log book. Everything is so well done, we had so much fun doing this. Thank you for such a great product, I will be telling all our friends up here in Washington." Laura -- WA

"We are homeschoolers, and have used your Intermediate Science curriculum over the last year. It has been my son's favorite science curriculum. As a homeschooling mother, I really appreciate having all the materials needed for the projects. My son appreciates that they all work! And he has learned a lot. Thanks." Dawn - Upperco, MD

"Thank you for an awesome product that motivates children and teaches a subject so daunting for some homeschool parents!" Jessie -- Acampo, CA

"My daughter felt as though she could accomplish something herself, instead of feeling inadequate when it comes to school learning - she was so jazzed and encouraged to share what she'd learned and built with the rest of the family." Betty - Bay Point, CA

"The directions and pictures are so clear and easy for my son to follow. He is able to complete most of the projects and experiments on his own." Deanna – Moraga, CA

"We are loving your science program. I have had a limited amount of 'confidence' and science resources on hand, and now we are all having a ball. I really love how the program is laid out, and I love how the questions are right after the information given so as to 'cement' the information into their brains." Kim -- Antioch, CA

"The kids had so much fun with this curriculum that we (yes, even Mom) couldn't wait for science each day. Two years later, the kids still pull out the solar fan just for fun." Cyndee G. -- Martinez, CA

"Thank you for having such excellent customer service, your response time, and handling of this issue are top notch. I am impressed. Thank you so much!" Shirley -- TN

"I just wanted to let you know that my kids absolutely LOVE your program. We will certainly be ordering the next level once they are done with this one - which may be sooner than I anticipated. I installed it (the CD) on Saturday and they started working on it that afternoon when they got home from class - they didn't stop until they finished with Unit 1 at which point they wanted to keep on going. They kept telling me how fun it was. They forgot about weekend cartoons and about their toys. First time I have not heard complaints about doing homework!" Rosa, CA

"What speed! What great customer service! Thank you for your generosity and dedication! Your company is a blessing to the home schooling community!" Cynthia - AR

"I bought your Physical Science curriculum at a homeschool conference and we are loving it! Thanks for a great product, it does what I love, lets the student have fun while they're learning!" Missy -- NV 

"I just want to let you know how much my daughter is enjoying Exploration Education's curriculum. It's awesome! She's learning so much and loves the projects; and I love having all the supplies right at hand. Thanks so much for your fine product." Janet -- Los Angeles, CA 

"This science course has worked so well with our dyslexic students as well as the non-dyslexics. We really like all the hands on projects." Mary -- Bowling Green, KY  

"My son loves your intermediate physical science program. This is the first time he is telling me what he is learning each day, and he loves to do science first! Thanks for a great curriculum." Jennifer -- Modesto, CA 

"I wanted to tell you that my daughter really enjoyed your physical science curriculum this year. She says she liked building the projects and then using them for experiments. My dad worked with her and they felt it was a great success. She liked it better than any previous science curriculum we have used. Keep up the good work!" Ginger -- Watsonville, CA

"My son has always disliked school, but since ordering your curriculum he loves science! He told me 'Mom, I am not stupid!' I can't get him to stop doing science!" Renee -- CA 

"I just want to let you know that my 6th grade daughter is thoroughly enjoying this curriculum. She has learned so much and loves the experiments and building the projects. Thank you so much! This has been our best year of science yet!" Kym -- Longmont, CO 

"I bought your curriculum last year and my two homeschooled daughters LOVED it. I would love to purchase and use any new courses you develop. " Suzanne -- Los Gatos, CA 

"Thanks for the most fun we've had with science in a long time!" Mother of twins 

"We purchased your physical science curriculum, and my two children have been using it this year. We absolutely LOVE it, and have told all of our friends about it! " Julie -- Franklin, TN 

"Well, I want you to know that in working with my son I found your science curriculum quite fascinating and very educational. I learned more than I ever did in Physical Science when I was in school. Thanks for creating such a fun and educational science curriculum. I believe we will be purchasing more. He loves it and is begging for more."
Jeannette – Vacaville, CA 

"Thank you so much. I have rarely seen such diligent software support and having done the job myself (Software Engineer by trade) I thoroughly appreciate the effort involved. Thank you once again". Lisa -- MA 

"You sure have hit a home run with our son. He just can't get enough of your fun curriculum. Many thanks for such a stimulating product." Jerry -- Cerritos, CA. 

“This is fun because your learning science and you have something cool to show for it.” Sarah – age 12 

"My two boys (ages 10 and 11) absolutely love your Intermediate Physical Science Curriculum. Thank you!"  Kathy -- Payson, AZ 

"I just wanted to let you know that your program is phenomenal and I have recommended it to many parents. Thanks for putting out such a great product for our kids!" Parent of a 12 year old with autism.

Customer Testimonials