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Sample Lessons




Sample Lessons

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These lessons have been chosen from different sections of the curriculum in order to
give you a good idea of the different topics covered. They are not in order. The top three are in both the standard and advanced versions, and the bottom two are from the advanced version.

Below is a brief explanation of how each chapter is laid out using chapter four as an example.

First three lessons in each chapter 

The first three lesson in each chapter are the foundational lessons that the advanced version builds upon. These lessons give the advanced student the necessary physical science concepts to then go on to the more advanced lessons in the chapter. (Note: these first three lessons are in both the standard and advanced versions.)

4.1 Action and Reaction: Newton's 3rd Law of Motion 
        Experiment: action and reaction 

4.2 Centripetal Force 
        Experiment: the racer in motion

4.3 Lubricants, Heat and Wear 
        Experiment: wet and dry lubricants

Last two lessons in each chapter 

The last two lessons are designed to further challenge and complete the student's physical science education. In these lessons the student also learns the steps involved in an accurate lab write up. Note: these lessons are specifically for the 7th - 10th grade students and are only in the advanced version curriculum.

4.4 Graphing Motion 3   
         -- linear and nonlinear slopes 

 4.5 Graphing analysis 

        -- graphing the glide ratio of the glider


Physical Science Course  
Item #: A-21 Grades 7-10

Student Logbook Included
Comes complete with online access to the interactive student text (an optional CD may be purchased as well), a student logbook, teacher’s manual and all necessary materials to complete each project and experiment.


Below are optional items to go with the above course if you have more than one student using the curriculum.

Item #: LBA-2

One Student Logbook is included with the curriculum. If you would like an additional logbook for a second student, choose this item.


Item #: AS-2

Intermediate Level -- ADVANCED
  Includes everything but the online interactive student text & Teacher's Manual. Comes with a student logbook and all necessary materials to complete each project and experiment.


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“All of this makes the Standard or Advanced Physical Science kit an excellent choice for those looking for a hands-on physical science course.”

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