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Advanced Science Overview

Item #:A-21


Intermediate Level
Physical Science Curriculum

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Highly recommended for your Jr. or Sr. high physical science

The advanced version includes all of the standard version’s lessons, experiments, and projects and expands it by adding 72 lessons and three projects. It thoroughly supports all of the content standards set by the National Science Education Standards for physical science.

36 chapters 180 lessons
144 Experiments/Activities

10 Projects

Five lessons each week

There are a few basic tools and supplies that will be needed such as a pencil, scissors, paper. For a specific list, click here.

• All necessary materials for the 10 projects and 144 experiments/activities
• Student Logbook
– advanced version
• Interactive student text (CD) with 180 lessons & step by step experiment instructions.
• Teacher’s Manual
Below is an explanation of how each lesson is laid out.

Chapters & Questions

The advanced version adds two lessons per week to the standard version’s lessons (included in this course) totaling five lessons each week. These additional lessons cover topics that are more involved and lay a solid foundation for future science courses as well. The follow up questions are designed to reinforce both comprehension and problem solving skills.

Projects & Experiments

Along with the seven standard version projects, this course adds three more projects designed to further challenge and complete the student’s physical science education. Students not only follow the scientific method when conducting their experiments, but they also learn and follow the steps involved in an accurate lab write up. Click here for more details on the projects.




In addition to the vocabulary and review quizzes found at the end of each section, the advanced version includes four quarter exams. Also included are study guides specifically designed to teach the student how to prepare for the exam.

Student logbook & Teacher’s Manual

The advanced version student logbook is used to record answers to questions, scientific data, and lab write-ups. Each page is laid out to easily facilitate accurate and clear records of the experiments, resulting in a complete portfolio of the student’s work. It also includes an index/glossary. The teacher’s manual has assessment pages, answer key, and unit exams.

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advanced homeschool science

Intermediate Level - ADVANCED
Physical Science Course
Item #: A-21 Grades 7-10

Student Logbook Included
Comes complete with an interactive and engaging CD, a student logbook, teacher’s manual and all necessary materials to complete each project and experiment.





Below are optional items to go
with the above course if you have more than one student using the curriculum.
advanced science
Additional Logbook
Intermediate Level - ADVANCED Logbook
One Student Logbook is included with the curriculum. If you would like an additional logbook for a second student, choose this item.
advanced homeschool science
Supplies Only : Intermediate Level -- ADVANCED
Physical Science Course
(AS-2) Grades 7-10

Includes everything but the CD & Teacher's Manual.
Comes with a student logbook and all necessary materials to complete each project and experiment.
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Free disk space required
• 116 MB Elementary curriculum
• 284 MB Intermediate level - Standard
• 384 MB Intermediate level - Advanced

Free disk space required
• 116 MB Elementary curriculum
• 284 MB Intermediate level - Standard
• 384 MB Intermediate level - Advanced

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Cathy Duffy Review

"All this makes the intermediate advanced kit an excellent choice for those looking for a hands-on physical science course."


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