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Course Description


Physical Science Curriculum

Exploration Education's Elementary
Physical Science Curriculum 
(K - 3rd grades)

Course Description

This introductory physical science course uses a hands-on approach introducing students to physical science. Using the narrated text and experiments, students study force, energy, simple machines, motion, magnets, simple circuits, matter, measurement, atoms, light, color, sound. Throughout this course, students discover the relationship between science and daily life.

Course length: 36 lessons, 1 lesson each week.
Lesson length: 30 to 40 minutes.


Physical Science Course  
Item #: E-01 Grades K-3

Student Logbook Included
Comes complete with an interactive and engaging CD, a student logbook, teacher’s manual and all necessary materials to complete each project and experiment.


Below are optional items to go with the above course if you have more than one student using the curriculum.

Item #: AB-01

One Student Logbook is included with the curriculum. If you would like an additional logbook for a second student, choose this item.


Item #: ES-01

  Includes everything but the CD . Comes with a student logbook and all necessary materials to complete each project and experiment.


Top Pick

Cathy Duffy Review
“All of this makes the Standard or Advanced Physical Science kit an excellent choice for those looking for a hands-on physical science course.”

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